Saturday, March 17, 2012

Love is really all you need...

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone!

My mom came up yesterday to view some ideas we have for Holden's room. We also went out to lunch together. While eating we people watched out the window. An older man and woman of Caucasian decent walked by with an African American woman (about 20 or so) holding their hands in between the two of them. My mom said, "Look at that, Sarah. She was probably adopted. It looks like they are taking her out to lunch on her break from college or something."

I agreed with my mother. And, I teared up. Adoption. It is just so beautiful. It was just so awesome how that family just "belonged" together. Just one, swift, fluid motion. A path that God laid out centuries ago just for them. I am now realizing this. That adopting Holden Jae was always apart of my life's plan. He was made for me. And, that is so amazing.

We then went to Target, where I picked out some overalls and shoes for my boy. I got up to the register and my mom says,"Sarah, give me the clothes. I will buy these for the precious baby."
What?! I guess money begins to grow on trees the second you have a grandchild!! Then, mom called dad, and he said, "oh, feel free to buy whatever you want for Jae!" Hilarious!

What I am getting at here in all of my rambling is this...
I whole-heartedly believe that all you need to create a family is LOVE. I feel completely at ease in the adoption now. And, I thank God for that. I do have my first-time motherly concerns. But, I know with time, I will adjust, and our life before Holden will be a sweet memory. I am just so excited and happy right now!

We have showers on the way, families that are awaiting a beautiful brown-eyed boy with open hearts, and a countdown to travel to South Korea!

We completed our very last set of paperwork yesterday. Our agency said, "Congrats! You are done with all the paperwork!" Yes, congrats indeed. Nearly two years of paperwork, waiting, agonizing medical information, praying, worrying and being frustrated are over. At least when it comes to adoption paperwork and red tape.

Spring is here, and our hope is renewed. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. And, take the time this weekend to look at your own children and family. Re-claim the beauty you know is there. Remember that this path was carved for you long ago. And, what a special path it is.

Much love,

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