Sunday, March 11, 2012

Introducing "Holden" Jae-Min Hubbard! (and other updates)

We have finally named our child :)-


We love the name, and we hope he does too. To us, he looks like a Holden.
This week, my mom is coming to Louisville so she can go baby shopping with me. She is really good at decor and painting, so I hope she can help me figure out how to put together Holden's room!

This week, we also named my brother, Adam, as Holden's Godfather. It was a real honor to have him accept this. I know he and Holden will be best buddies.

There have been many rumors about when Korea will allow the 2011 babies to come home. We have heard that  Holden and the rest of the babes will for sure come home this year, but I am not ready to believe that. At least not until our agency confirms.

We want so badly to believe he will be home this year, but we also know how much things change all the time when it comes to Korean adoptions.

Keep sweet, little Holden Jae in your prayers and thoughts. And, if you don't mind, pray for his Mommy and Daddy too. I especially need prayers for strength and courage. I am soooooo scared to fly. And, the closer he gets to coming home, the more panicky I am feeling. It is a fear that will paralyze me if I don't get control over it. So, I can use the prayer.

Hope everyone has a good work week :)

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