Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Waiting is the hardest part

One of the ways I sold Sarah on creating this blog was to insert Tom Petty lyrics and references into the title and the posts. Honestly, I just thought "Into the Great Wide Open" and "The Waiting" were perfect titles for what we were just beginning to embark on and experience, but it didn't hurt the cause in getting Sarah on board.

But it goes without saying that any future parent probably feels those emotions of uncertainty and anxiousness. But with adoption it's an even longer wait and more unpredictable.

So, while the last year has been a journey of its own, the next year will prove to test our patience even more. 

We were actually referred Jae-Min's profile the week of our fundraiser in Lexington and it took us three months to make his announcement official. And you may be wondering, "why the wait?" 

We needed to have his medical files thoroughly reviewed and any fears alleviated. The last thing we wanted to put ourselves through was having to numerously repeat why we would have had to deny a referral and have anyone else get attached to a baby's picture we might not end up adopting. 

Thankfully, that didn't happen. And I also thank you all so much for your outpouring support, which I had confidence in but that has really helped Sarah overcome all her tiny fears (adjustment, advanced age, and whether our baby from another country would be as accepted).

But it won't get easier. From the pictures below, you can see how much Baby Jae has already grown up. And every glance at each picture is also a reminder of the things we are missing out on (first steps, first words, etc.). Fewer diapers and fewer sleepless nights are decent trade off, though. 

So, thank you for all your continued encouragement and support. It's made a huge difference in our uncertainties just a month ago and the confidence and pride we are sharing today.

Just after birth, which wasn't easy.

He was 8 lbs, not small, so maybe a toddler outfit?

This was at about 5 months.

And finally, this is what he looked like at 9 months, which was about 3 months ago, and at about the same time we received his referral with the pictures above. So, from the time his referral picture was taken above, until we received it, he had already grown so much.

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