Friday, September 30, 2011

Latest Update From Korea

Travis and I just got our Oct. update.
We get these monthly from our adoption agency.
Korea is getting ready to stop handing out EPs for this year. That means only a select few more families will get to travel this year to pick up a child, and we aren't on that list.

We didn't expect to travel, but still that puts us into 2012.

So, now all we can do is wait for Decemeber, and HOPE we get our baby referral.

The update also informed us that most children are now 9 months old when referred and 18-24 months when brought home from Korea. Also, not a surprise. But, ALSO, hard to accept at this point.

Best case, we will be referred an 8 month old and get to pick them up within the year. That would put our baby at 20 months old or younger.

We also now have our P.O. box for donations to help bring our babe home!!
Here it is:

Sarah Zopfi/Travis Hubbard
P.O. Box 22051
Louisville, KY 40222

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


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