Thursday, October 24, 2013

Do you appreciate all of those moments?

This morning it was a tad chilly in our house because we have not turned on our heat yet for the season. So I went and grabbed Holden out of his crib and put him into bed with Travis & I to snuggle.
While he snuggles with us often in the mornings, he's not always the most affectionate. He often wants to just watch TV or starts telling me to get up and it's time to cook breakfast!  Ha!
But this morning as we laid there, he sat up and then laid his body across mine. So that his head was on my chest, and he could stare directly into my eyes. And, he held my hand while I rubbed his head. He just kept looking into my eyes and smiling. Then, he wrapped his arms around my neck and just laid there for a long while.
It was so hard to leave that sweet moment and get ready for work.
Adoptive moms know the weight of that moment. To know your child has bonded with you. Completely, without reservations.
I appreciated that moment so much. I am thankful everyday for my son, but this morning, I was even more.

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  1. Yep... this is one of those "firsts" that your mama's heart will never forget!! I have so loved witnessing you become not just a mommy, but Holden's mommy! You have done an amazing job! Enjoy the ride!!