Saturday, February 9, 2013

A love letter for you on your 2nd birthday from your Umma

Dearest Holden,

This weekend you turned two years old. 
You got up by yourself this morning, and didnt wake Umma and Appa. Instead, you played with your toys all by yourself. A sign you are already growing up. 

When I look at your face, I see the years ahead of you. And, I see the years it took to make you mine. 
When I see your eyes smile when you laugh, I feel a explosion in my heart. Like tiny fireworks bouncing around, burning with the flame of love. 

When I watch you play and discover something new, I feel refreshed with my own sense of wonder. You help me remember what's important in life, and what isn't. 

When I see you share and use your manners, I am reminded of how much your foster mother must have cared about you. I am reminded of the very important role she played in your very early life. And, I am thankful. 

When I watch you sleep, I stare at your beautiful, full lips and supple skin.I brush my fingers through your gorgeous, thick black hair. And, I thank God. I thank him for making you, just for me. Perfect, precious, breathtaking you. 

When I see you love, I am in awe. You hug, you kiss, you give and you understand hurt. 

Baby boy, you are truly wonderful. You are the joy of your Umma and Appa's days. We will never take your love for granted. For the rest of our lives, we will show you how much you are much you are loved. How you were a long-awaited wish come true. I can't wait for you to read this letter one day. 
I love you. 

Happy Birthday Holden Jae-Min Hubbard. 

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