Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two years gone by so fast

On Wednesday, I spent my off day volunteering at one of my old stores. I left there to take over my own store in March 2011, but in the last couple months there has been management turnover and they are short-staffed by about 3 bodies.

The new manager there is a close colleague who I highly respect, and with any luck I may soon call him a district colleague again. I'm in a bit of a limbo as I await another opportunity to take over my own store.

But I looked forward to visiting and working with three of the associates I coached and trained two years ago. I was humbled and appreciative of the fact that all three expressed how they missed my guidance and leadership. While I was discouraged for them to currently be going through a difficult time because their leader and my former boss unfortunately neglected them over the last 18 months, I also took it as a compliment that they viewed my departure as the beginning of downturn.

But what made me feel better than anything was the fact they remembered the beginning of our adoption journey. Sarah and I committed to the decision to adopt in September 2010, but it wasn't until spring 2011 we began announcing the decision. But I left this store shortly after in March, about the time we had our home study.

So, it was sincere and thoughtful of them to remember. I was able to show them some pictures of Holden and tell them all about him, and obviously told them he'd be home any day now.

It was also a realization of how long it has been. It doesn't always seem like it's been two years since we began this journey, although when I think about the wait it does seem like it will never finalize. But it seems like two careers ago that I worked across the river in Clarksville.

And it made me realize just how long others have waited, too. Others who may not think about Holden every day, but everyone who thinks about Sarah and I from time to time. We don't appreciate those thoughts daily, but this week I definitely was made aware of that fact. So, thank you all.

And, tonight I'll again go to bed hoping to write on here again tomorrow that I finally get to take that vacation from work I've been dreaming about for over a year.

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