Sunday, May 6, 2012

Derby Weekend Wins and Losses

Well, I spent $18 betting on the Kentucky Derby. And, I lost. My trifecta wasn't a successful bet.
But, luckily, I had a few wins come my way this weekend too. Not in the form of money or things, but in the form of people and stories.

In the form of moments that shape your way of thinking.

Travis and I enjoyed our Derby evening in the company of old, dear friends. Steve and Niki Jones invited us, along with a swell of people, to visit their newly renovated home. It's a precious little shotgun cottage complete  with a fenced in back yard and the cutest little Moon Pie puppy you could dream up.

Among the grilling out and mint julep drinking, I enjoyed meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends.

As the night grew darker, and the "super moon" shown a little brighter, my mind kept drifting away from the party and to my son. As it often does. I wondered what he was doing on this beautiful Saturday evening. I wondered if his foster family had even heard of the Derby.

As my thoughts drifted in and out of Holden's life, Niki introduced me to one of her dear friends who herself had been adopted through a domestic adoption 37 years ago. Not only had this woman been adopted, her brothers and sister were adopted too. Her brothers, both in the USA, like her. Her sister? Well, she was adopted from South Korea 28 years ago when she was 9 years old. Yes, two sisters not by blood, but by love...the same age.

I spent the next hour listening to the story of "Susan." The little girl who came from Korea and into a family of 5. She got to pick her own American name. She didn't look at all like her siblings or her parents. But, somehow, she just fit. And, Niki's friend said (with a chuckle) people better not call her Korean today, because she considers herself American.

Then, I got out my phone, and showed off pictures and videos of my son. It feels good to do that. It feels so awesome to say, "This is my son." And, to feel my heart nearly burst with pride.

As we were saying our goodbyes, I could feel that throbbing in my head. Maybe I had over-served myself and would regret it the next morning. But, I certainly wouldn't regret that night and it's stories.

Once we got in the car, I turned to Travis and said: "Man, it sure felt good to show Holden off."

His response?

"Yeah. It sure does."

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