Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Holidays

Wanted to wish you all a happy holiday and well wishes for the New Year. Posts are few and far between because there is mostly just waiting and wishing until we have good news to report. (And even then, there will be lots more agonizing wait time.)

It is very likely that we'll have news to report before the New Year, or at least soon after.

The waiting is soooooo difficult, but the thought of being matched with our child and being able to announce it to the world would be the most fitting Christmas gift/moment. But if it doesn't happen before Christmas, it will happen soon after and we can't wait to share the news.

Sarah bought a recordable book today that we recorded our voices on and will eventually send to our baby. Things are really starting to move along, but all we can do is wait and look forward to the day we can share our baby's name, picture and life with our friends and family.

Until then, we're thinking of all of you this holiday season.

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