Thursday, May 16, 2013

Six Months!!! :)

On Saturday Holden has been home for 6 months. Time. Has. Flown.
I say he's been home because I mean just that.

While he's lived in several different houses, been cared for by many different people, he wasn't home until last November.

It is really hard to put into words the sheer joy Holden brings into our lives. I often feel like I crave him and his love. He's more addictive each day. His smile, his laugh! His sense of humor will change your life!

In a few short weeks Holden's adoption will be finalized in the Kentucky courts. And he will be "legally" be ours forever and ever!!

So to celebrate in this blog, I'll write a simple poem. I love you Holden.

You are the brightest light I have ever known.
You are comfort.
You are chubby sweet and baby smells.
You will be my grandest accomplishment as I grow old.
You are proof that dreams do come true.
You are a testament that patience pays 1,000 fold.
You are Omma & Appa's heart song.
You are the one I never want to put down. And the one I can't wait to pick up.
You are my Christmas morning over and over again.
You are the reason I fight for.
You are the reason I learn more.
You are a happy I've never known.
You are a lesson in love for our whole family.
And you, my son, are loved beyond measure. Beyond the depths of every ocean, beyond the limitlessness of every sky, beyond the vastness of every canyon... You are.
Happy 6 months home baby. Welcome to forever, love.

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