Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Holden's Visa Physical is scheduled for Aug. 30th!!!

Hey Friends!
We got some more great news last week. Holden's visa physical is scheduled for Aug. 30th!
That means we are near step 12 on this list!

1. Decide to adopt (began in late 2010)
2. Decide domestic or international (spring 2011)
3. Decide which country (spring 2011)
4. Have home study conducted (March 2011)
5. Apply to adoption agency (May 2011)
6. Fill out legal paperwork granting future adopted child U.S. citizenship (summer 2011)
7. Get child referral (October 2011)
8. Review medical records, and in our case have specialists examine MRIs, videos and  (November 2011)
9. Accept Holden's referral (November 2011)
10. Wait for exit permit submission (some have waited at least a year after acceptance of referral)
11. Exit permit approved (4-5 weeks)
12. Travel call (up to two more months)
13. Travel to Korea (within 2 weeks of travel call)

This is very exciting for us! We have been running around doing last minute things the past week...finalizing room decor, picking out a car seat and  realizing we have NO diapers or wipes!! haha!

Likely, after Holden's physical, he will travel within the next month or so :) It is all becoming so real, and that is exciting and scary all at the same time. Just meeting our little guy will be a like living a dream. I still can't imagine carrying him into his room for the first time. Watching the way his eyes study everything around him.

Whew. So much to think about, and daydream on. So much to prepare for and have in place. Reality is here, and Holden is just steps from being HOME.

-S & T

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